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deb_dpdk Facts

Project Lead: Christian Ehrhardt

  • Christian Ehrhardt
  • Luca Bocassi
  • C.J. Collier
  • Damjan Marion
  • Thiago Martins

Repository: git clone https://gerrit.fd.io/r/deb_dpdk
Mailing List: pkg-dpdk-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews
Bugs: DEBDPDK bugs

Get Involved

  • We have a weekly hangout every Thursday at 4pm (CET), feel free to join at [1]
  • we carry (some sort of) Minutes at [2]
  • Join deb_dpdk IRC channel

What is this actually?

  • Producing .deb packages of DPDK for Ubuntu and other Debian-based systems
  • Throw together our collection of backports and other features to create a bigger and better DPDK package for all of us
  • Testing .deb packaging of DPDK
  • Testing by various different dpdk consumers reflected by the different participating people (openvswitch, vpp, odp, ...)
  • Over time maybe useful tools and machinery in support / CI of same
  • It essentially is a boiler plate to mature contributions in the face of multiple DPDK (packaging) consumers
  • Mid term, once testing and packaging is matured; we intend to feed back generic parts (not release dependent) to the main dpdk.org repository
    • That should shrink the delta we have to maintain and is the right place to host it
    • The rule of thumb is all in /debian but without /debian/patches
    • This might eventually allow cross distribution sharing e.g. of init scripts
  • We might discuss or even host Distribution release specific patches e.g. patches on top what got released into Debian sid
    • but this will in no way be a dpdk release specific a stable tree
    • In fact dpdk.org/Intel are working on creating stable trees currently which is great and would be the preferred things we would like to be based on eventually.