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ONE Facts

Project Lead: Florin Coras

Repository: git clone
Mailing List:
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews
Bugs: ONE bugs


Overlay Network Engine (ONE) is a VPP project that enables programmable dynamic Software Defined overlays. ONE uses an extended LISP-based map-assisted control plane to dynamically lookup overlay-to-underlay address mappings, as well as forwarding policies, on demand and as packets arrive. This includes policies such as connectivity, encryption, traffic engineering and virtual topologies, access control, and service chaining. The looked up mappings and forwarding policies are cached locally for a TTL period until they time out. The mapping and forwarding policy information is then used to encapsulate overlay packets towards their associated destinations or next hops.

ONE can use and operate a variety of encapsulation formats for the overlay including GRE, VXLAN-GPE (Generic Protocol Extension) [1], which is effectively merging VXLAN and LISP [2] encapsulations in a single format that supports multi-protocol payloads, etc. The control plane can be used to fetch the encapsulation capabilities of a destination as part of its mapping and forwarding policies.

An external open SDN controller will be used as the mapping system to store and provide the mapping and forwarding policies.

Get Involved

Start Here

Project Proposal

Set Up Dev Environment - Explains how to set up a VPP development environment and the requirements for using the build tools


ONE/Termination Review

ONE-LISP architecture

Command-line Interface (CLI) Guide

Binary Interface and VAT Guide



Run the ONE functional tests

Simple overlay setup for testing

Re-encapsulating tunnel router setup

Video tutorial: arch walkthrough, code dive and demo