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ONE Facts

Project Lead: {{{projectLead}}}

  • Florin Coras
  • Lorand Jakab
  • Vina Ermagan
  • Alberto Rodriguez

Repository: git clone
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Jenkins: jenkins silo
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ONE (Overlay Network Engine) project is focusing on:

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Project scope includes implementation of nodes that enable dynamic encapsulation and de-capsulation of data packets using different encapsulation formats, the map cache, and the LISP control plane for retrieval and update of the mapping and forwarding policies. The scope also includes integration with other components within VPP such as IPSec for encryption and NSH.

In more detail the scope will include:

  • Implementation of plugins/graph nodes to allow dynamic lookup and retrieval of mappings of network traffic to encapsulations for next hops (various encaps are supported and mapping system can determine the encap to use.) Various network traffic can be mapped, including L2, L3, NSH,...
  • Implementation of plugins/graph nodes to store/cache the retrieved mappings locally
  • Implementation of plugins/graph nodes to carry out/apply the mappings for existing flows (match and encap)
  • Implementation of plugins/graph nodes to allow integration with other components including IPSec for encryption and NSH for service chaining
  • Exporting APIs over NETCONF - using Honeycomb or other means defined by
  • Supporting tools, testing