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This page intends to provide details regarding the training and hackfest which will take place in Paris from the May 31st to June 3rd.


Day 1

The first day will include high-level and VPP presentations.

You should familiarize yourself with (scope, mechanisms, etc...) as well as VPP.

Day 2 to 4

The following days will include hands-on labs and code reviews. Attendees are expected to be proficient in C/gdb, know how to use Linux systems, knowledgeable about CPU / system architecture (cache hierarchy, NUMA effects, ...) and are familiar with bit-level networking, endianness, etc...

Preparing the training

Before the event:

  1. Confirm your machine meets the following requirements:
    • 16G or RAM
    • Intel CPU (Sandy Bridge or newer recommanded)
  2. Setup your development environment.
    Troubleshooting help
  3. Familiarize yourself with VPP basics:
  4. If possible, walk through the different sections from the VPP wiki page.
    Some of these will be covered during the training, but the more you prepare, the better you will take advantage of the sessions.