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IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is often used as a real-time communication capability with open source projects.

IRC software can be found for all operating systems. The IRC clients comparison chart on Wikipedia can help you pick one for your operating system You don't have to have a complex setup to use IRC. You can use the web client for Freenode, which doesn't require any download or setup. Just pick a nickname and join #fdio Channels

IRC Channel Description Current Schedule
#fdio General topics
#fdio-meeting meetings
#fdio-vpp VPP channel
#fdio-honeycomb Honeycomb channel
#fdio-csit CSIT channel
#fdio-infra For infra questions/issues
#fdio-netlink Proposed Netlink project
#fdio-nsh NSH_SFC project
#fdio-one ONE project
#fdio-vppsb VPP Sandbox project
#fdio-tldk Transport Layer Development Kit
#deb_dpdk .deb packaging of dpdk boiler plate
#rpm_dpdk RPM packaging of DPDK
#fdio-arm For arm questions/issues
#fdio-dmm For DMM questions/issues