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Initial seed of repo

The following is simply a proposed way of completing the work alagalah@gmail.com has started in the VPP project's repo:

Draw.io doc of simple high level design

The thinking is that this can be used to seed the NSH_SFC git repository, fixing bugs and completing intended PoC SFF / Classifier functionality, as well as kicking off the initial decoupling of VXLAN-GPE/GRE code and NSH code.

From there, we should definitely iterate on the actual design we would like NSH_SFC to have to support all the use cases etc as part of the project scope.

This is NOT intended to be a presumptive final architecture, merely some thoughts on how to achieve completing the PoC and moving the code.

Initial design of NSH-aware SFs

The following is a proposal to enable NSH-aware SFs:

Proposed diagram for enabling NSH aware SFs