Nexus Retirement Plan

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Nexus is a repository manager currently in use to store project CI job artifacts (jenkins logs, robot framework output, etc.) and documentation that is hosted on an openstack instance. Starting in 2020, LF-IT has been working to reduce the cost hosting this data utilizing cloud services and intends to retire Nexus.

This page is being used to track the progress and capture requirements for projects job artifacts and documentation hosting.

CI Job Artifacts

The CI job artifacts will be hosted on an AWS S3 storage instance.


Some project documentation is already hosted at (e.g. and LFN has an account with ReadTheDocs. This is currently the plan of record for all project documentation, but the requirements of each project shall be documented here to verify if ReadTheDocs provides a good user experience for all projects. CSIT in particular has a very large amount of data contained in its reports. Project Documentation Requirements