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| Update VPP ci-management configurations to use global jjb macros (publisher &  
| Update VPP ci-management configurations to use global jjb macros (lf-publisher & build-discarder)
| Vanessa V.
| Vanessa V.

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Nomad clusters are hosted on dedicated servers in the FD.io lab and used to manage Docker container based executors for FD.io project CI jobs.

Nomad Operational Status

  • TBD - add description or link to Nomad architecture / configuration
  • TBD - Add links to Nomad monitoring status / data

Nomad Operations Tasks

This is the current list of high priority Nomad tasks.

Task Description Owner  % Complete ETA
Move Nomad Docker images from https://hub.docker.com/search?q=snergster&type=image into fdiotools dockerhub account. Dave W. 25% May 20, 2020
Update Ubuntu1804 & Centos7 Nomad Docker images to include clang-9 toolchain packages required by VPP 'make install-deps'. Dave W. 10% May 20, 2020
Perform fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04 Server on t4-virl1, t4-virl2, & t4-virl3 Peter M.
Restore Nomad configuration on t4-virl1, t4-virl2, & t4-virl3 and rejoin on VPP cluster. Dave W.
Fix server-type-c4-3 ( SDD with an HDD, reinstall Ubuntu 18.04 and restore to Nomad cluster.
Update VPP ci-management configurations to use global jjb macros (lf-publisher & build-discarder) Vanessa V.

Nomad Planning Wish List

This is the list of long term Nomad tasks. Please move them to the Nomad Operations Tasks and provide owner/ET information when they are being actively worked on.

  • Add VPP 'make test-debug w/ ASAN enabled' verify job
  • Nomad server OS upgrades/normalization. Utilize ansible to create a uniform bare-metal OS environment across all Nomad servers.
  • Convert Jenkins Nomad-plugin configuration spreadsheet to JJB managed YAML configuration files.
  • Investigate Jenkins Nomad-plugin security issues.
  • Export Gerrit & Jenkins logs and other operational data to Nomad servers
  • Convert Nomad/Jenkins/Gerrit monitoring/screen-scraping hacks into an operational monitoring system using exported gerrit & jenkins logs & nomad cli output.
  • Add a mechanism to measure/track the memory consumed by the CI jobs inside Docker images

Completed Nomad Tasks

Task Description Owner  % Complete Finish Date
Move Nomad build executor Dockerfiles from https://github.com/snergfdio/* into the ci-management project. Dave W. 100% April 29, 2020
Add a sudoer/admin account to all Nomad Servers. Dave W. 100% May 18, 2020
Move server-type-c4-2 from Class 's5ci' to Class 'builder' to cover t4-virl* nomad clients during upgrade. Dave W. 100% May 18, 2020