Rpm dpdk/Termination Review

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Rpm_dpdk Termination Review (DRAFT)

Per the section of the FD.io Technical Community Document this is the termination review document for rpm_dpdk.

Reason termination sought

Per email sent to the TSC the rpm_dpdk project committers are now using resources at:

and no longer need FD.io resources.

TODO: Request vote of the project committers to archive the project in that email thread.

Impact on other projects

No other FD.io projects depend on rpm_dpdk

Where project should be archived

LF Archive Steps

  • Force one last replication on the project to make sure the mirror is up-to-date
  • Remove the read permissions on the Gerrit repo for the 'GitHub Replication' group
  • Set the Gerrit repo to Read-Only and change the Description to ARCHIVED <date> per <reason> as the first line of the description
  • In GitHub change the project name to be prepended with archived