Sweetcomb/Termination Review

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Sweetcomb Termination Review

Per the section of the FD.io Technical Community Document this is the termination review document for Sweetcomb.

Reason termination sought

Per Sweetcomb PTL the Sweetcomb project can be archived

The project is no longer active and no longer needs FD.io resources.

TODO: TSC vote to approve archive

Impact on other projects

Where project should be archived

LF Archive Steps

  • Force one last replication on the project to make sure the mirror is up-to-date
  • Remove the read permissions on the Gerrit repo for the 'GitHub Replication' group
  • Set the Gerrit repo to Read-Only and change the Description to ARCHIVED <date> per <reason> as the first line of the description
  • In GitHub change the project name to be prepended with archived