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VPP Sandbox Facts

Project Lead: Pierre Pfister

  • Pierre Pfister
  • Keith Burns

Repository: git clone https://gerrit.fd.io/r/vppsb
Mailing List: vppsb-dev@lists.fd.io
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews
Bugs: VPPSB bugs

The VPP Sandbox is a temporary hosting place for small extensions, plugins, libraries or scripts related to VPP. It intends to facilitate efforts bootstrapping by providing hosting, visibility and quality code review to VPP newcomers.

How it works

The repository will host various efforts, each consisting in a single root directory. It is required that each of these directories contain a README.md file describing the goal of the effort, the main contributors, as well as its current state and intended evolution.

In order to create a new effort, create a new repository including the required README.md file and push a patch for review using gerrit. Only the efforts fulfilling the following requirements will be accepted:

  1. It must be within the overall scope of the fd.io consortium.
  2. It must be a plugin, library, script, or other speculative bits of functionality, related to VPP.

Please keep in mind that although it provides visbility and code review, the VPP Sandbox is not an ideal place for big projects to grow. Whenever the activity, amount of commits, of committers or volume of code becomes significant, we encourage you to follow the process of proposing a project.

Finally, efforts shall not stay within the VPP Sandbox more than 9 months from the time they initially get accepted. This amount of time was considered sufficient to raise interest, get people involved, and create a FD.io project.

Current Projects