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GoVPP Facts

Project Lead: Ondrej Fabry

  • Ondrej Fabry
  • Vladimir Lavor
  • Jan Medved
  • Rastislav Szabo
  • Nathan Skrzypczak

Repository: git clone
Mailing List:
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews
Bugs: GOVPP bugs


GoVPP is a Golang toolset for VPP management. It consists of a set of Golang packages that provide the API for VPP management based on the Go bindings generated from the VPP binary APIs. It can be used as the foundation for any VPP management/control plane written in Go.

Apart from the packages providing the API and tools allowing to write VPP management applications in Go from scratch, the project also aims to provide a cloud-native VPP management agent that can be used in VPP-based container infrastructure.

Get Involved

Note: Slack is the preferred application for GoVPP developer and user communications.

Project Contacts


GoVPP project scope:

  1. Go bindings generator:
    • generates Go structs from binary API definitions in JSON
    • annotates the generated Go bindings so they can be marshalled / unmarshalled to/from binary data as understood by VPP
  2. GoVPP API packages:
    • api: high-level API for communication with govpp core using Go channels
    • core: main functionality of the govpp, sends and receives the messages to/from VPP using the adapter, encodes them and forwards them between the client Go channels and the VPP
    • adapter: the adapter between the govpp core and the VPP, responsible for sending and receiving binary-encoded data via shared memory, leverages VPP pneum library
  3. Other code to ease the adoption of by Go users
  4. Supporting code:
    • examples
    • unit tests

Out of scope:

  1. Generator of JSON definitions of VPP binary APIs
  2. vppapiclient (former pneum) library used to send & receive binary-encoded data to/from VPP


According to the performance benchmark results, GoVPP is currently able to handle more than 250 000 binary API requests per second via the asynchronous API on a standard laptop. More details: [1]


  • Adding Go module dependency:
go get
  • Installing VPP binary API generator:
go install
 //go:generate binapi-generator --input=/usr/share/vpp/api --output-dir=./binapi
  • Auto-generated documentation on GoDoc

Previous Release Plans

List of all subpages (used or unused)

GoVPP/Release Plans/Release Plan 17.07GoVPP/gerrit-review