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Implementing a new YANG model in Sweetcomb

Adding YANG model file to sweetcomb

Download the YANG model file to appropriate sweetcomb location under plugin subdirectory. Your Yang model must be named <model>@<revision>.yang

Developp scvpp helper functions

All interaction with VAPI must be made in scvpp source code. Please, leverage as much as possible existing maccros such as:

  • VAPI_CALL : Wait until all messages have been received from VAPI
  • VAPI_RETVAL_CB : Return retval field of payload from VAPI reply message
  • VAPI_COPY_CB : Perform a copy of a single VAPI reply message because VAPI frees its message after some time
  • VAPI_DUMP_LIST_CB : Put multiple received message from VAPI into a stack datastructure and return pointer to stack head.

Developp and add callbacks

A yang model can be represented as a tree and its elements accessed using XPATH syntax. You need to know which XPATH you want to support in your YANG model.

//TODO: xpath_t structure, new file, register_model

Now, you should read Sweetcomb/Sysrepo