CSIT/Honeycomb/HC1704 plan

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Release Deliverables

Name Status Task Category Description
ACL-plugin OK func Test support for classifiers on bridged interfaces. Classify rules for ranges of: MAC addresses, IP addresses, ICMP types/codes, TCP/UDP ports.
Secondary IP address OK func Test support of configuring multiple ipv4/ipv6 addresses on interfaces.
Routing OK func Test configuring static ipv4/ipv6 routes; and special cases.
SLAAC WIP func Test configuring Stateless Address Autoconfiguration for IPv6.
ProxyARP OK func Test configuring the proxyARP feature.
DHCP Relay OK func Test configuring DHCP Relay.
RIP+RIPng TBC func Will not be implemented in Honeycomb 17.04
IPv6 ND proxy OK func Test configuring IPv6 Neighbor Discovery proxy.
BGP TBC func Will not be implemented in Honeycomb 17.04
Telemetry OK func Test configuring SPAN port mirroring feature.
Load Balancer TBC func *todo*
Policer TBC func *todo*
Test jobs on Ubuntu16.04 OK infra Replace Ubuntu14.04 jobs once stable.
Test jobs on Centos7 TBC infra Depending on stability of Centos7 in CSIT core jobs.
Use ODL client to generate Netconf requests WIP infra Use ODL to translate Restconf requests into Netconf. This should allow the reuse of existing Restconf test cases for testing Honeycomb's Netconf interface.