CSIT/Honeycomb/HC1707 plan

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Release Deliverables

Name Status Test Category Description
Automate testing with ODL client WIP csit-func (HC) Reuse existing Restconf tests to test Netconf interface, using ODL to translate requests.
Automate testing on Centos7 TBC csit-func (HC) Duplicate every existing hc2vpp test job and run them on Centos7.
Persistence test improvements WIP csit-func (HC) Add persistence test cases for each hc2vpp feature separately.
Increase sub-interface test coverage WIP csit-func (HC) Test all interface-related features on sub-interfaces as well as regular interfaces.
DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation TBC csit-func (HC) Add test suite for feature once implemented.
Basic scale tests TBC csit-fund (HC) Add simple scale tests for common features: routes, ACLs, ...
Misc ... csit-func (HC) Tests for unplanned features, improvements, etc.