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Status of CSIT-Honeycomb tests

Currently running two types of test jobs on Ubuntu16.04:

  • hc2vpp-csit-integration:
    • for testing integration of VPP, HC2VPP and Honeycomb projects.
    • runs after a patch is merged to VPP or HC2VPP projects.
  • hc2vpp-csit-verify:
    • for verifying commits to HC2VPP
    • can be run manually on specific commits to HC2VPP project

Centos7 jobs will be added after CSIT-functional has stable Centos jobs.

Both jobs are duplicated for HC2VPP branches, eg. master, stable/1701, stable/1704, ...

Negative test results do not prevent commits from being merged, as issues are often caused by VPP changes and not only HC2VPP. They do provide history as well as rapid issue detection.