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CSIT Dev Work Tracking

Today we are using FD.io CSIT wiki for longer-term planning of CSIT dev work, pre-dominantly regarding adding new test cases and major CSIT test infra functionalities and environments. See CSIT wiki functional plan, performance plan and vnet infra plan pages. We are also using FD.io Jira to track and record csit-dev work, with linkange to FD.io gerrit.

To make sure both CSIT wiki and Jira are aligned, we need CSIT contributors to follow some discipline when it comes to opening Jira issues and processing them.

CSIT Jira Tracking Model

Here is a (draft) tracking model to be used to create, process and understand CSIT Jira tasks. Within CSIT project we are striving that this model is followed to the letter :).

The goal is for everyone in CSIT to follow this approach, and this will make it easier to analyse and report progres, and plan. It should be self-explanatory and very close to Jira default mode of operation:

  1. Types classification - follow Jira defaults:
    • Bug - bug
    • New Feature - new test case
    • Improvement - optimization of existing functionality
    • Task - everything else
  2. Priorities
    • Highest - P0 equivalent, show-stopper
    • High - P1 equivalent, must do
    • Medium - P2 equivalent, should do
    • Low - P3 equivalent, could do
    • Lowest - don't use, as we never get to doing this anyways :)
  3. Labels for additional classification - multiple labels can be linked to specific issue
    • perf - performance tests
    • func - functional tests
    • infra - test infra
    • env_hw - hardware testing environment
    • env_virl - virl testing environment
    • env_vm - hardware testing environment
    • vpp-16.06 - target for vpp-16.06 release
    • vpp-16.09 - target for vpp-16.09 release
    • vpp - for project VPP
    • one - for project ONE
    • nsh_sfc - for project NSH_SFC
    • honeycomb - for project Honeycomb
    • jenkins-job - LF Jenkins job changes
    • jenkins-infra - LF Jenkins infra changes

CSIT Wiki Longer Term Planning

Continue to use a relative prioritization approach on a per VPP release basis:

  • [Pn-Rm] – Proposed coverage of VPP functionality by FD.io CSIT functional

and performance test cases.

  • Pn – CSIT development and integration priority; n=0,1,2, 0-for-MUST, 1-for-SHOULD, 2-for-COULD.
  • Rm – VPP major release, R1 stands for the first FD.io VPP release, R2 for the 2nd FD.io VPP release.

See CSIT wiki functional plan, performance plan and vnet infra plan pages.