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Please be aware that this page is work-in-progress and more info is being added continuously.


All CSIT release deliverables should be tracked in FDio CSIT Jira using one of the following Jira Epic categories:

  1. 1710-Report CSIT-737.
  2. 1710-Test CSIT-735.
  3. VIRL-GetWellPlan CSIT-581.
  4. 1710-Optimizations CSIT-738.
  5. 1710-Honeycomb CSIT-734.
  6. 1710-Operations CSIT-739.

Release Deliverables

Name Status Category Description
Security Groups m-thread DONE 1710-Test VPP Security Groups - Multi-thread multi-core performance tests.
VPP L2BD with MAC scale DONE 1710-Test VPP l2bdscale tests performance tests.
VPP L2BD vhost with MAC scale DONE 1710-Test VPP l2bdscale vhost tests performance tests.
GoVPP and vnf-agent integration DONE 1710-Test code is complete, LF CSIT jenkins onboarding completed, tests are executing.
SRv6 performance next release rls1802 1710-Test SRv6 performance - KWs list is completed and matching test cases documented listed in HLD and task list now in Jira. No code done yet.
CSIT Data analytics and presentation enhancements DONE 1710-PAL Code is complete. Code merged in. Now in testing based on stable1710 rc2 test data, in progress.
CSIT AutoConfig DONE 1710-AutoConfig Code moved to VPP repo, and merged there. CSIT integration is TBC.
Centos7 VIRL tests WIP VIRL-GetWellPlan CSIT-602 Complete productization of Centos7 VPP tests for all VPP functional tests in FD.io CSIT VIRL infra.
CSIT Framework Optimization DONE 1710-Optimizations CSIT-738 CSIT code optimizations. Description in Design Optimizations wiki.
rls1710 Report WIP 1710-Report Report done, published in master folder. Collecting data from running tests for vpp stable/1710.

Release Milestones

rls1710 Milestone Date Deliverables
Code complete 2017-10-11 Test cases code frozen. Only bug fixes and low-risk changes accepted.
Branch pull 2017-10-11 Pull CSIT rls1710 throttle branch.
CSIT Release 2017-10-18 CSIT rls1710 test code complete. VPP1710 rls testing.
CSIT Report 2017-11-01 CSIT rls1710 report published

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects