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Please be aware that this page is work-in-progress and more info is being added continuously.


All CSIT release deliverables should be tracked in FDio CSIT Jira .using one of the following Jira Epic categories:

  1. [VIRL]https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-929
  2. [HoneyComb]https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-930
  3. [Test]https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-931
  4. [Optimizations]https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-932
  5. [Operations]https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-933
  6. [PAL]https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-934
  7. [DMM]https://jira.fd.io/browse/CSIT-1018

Release Deliverables

Name Status Jira Category Description
SRv6 performance Done 1804-Test SRv6 performance - additional SRv6 performance tests focusing on service chainging CSIT-1009: End.AS, End.AD and End.AM behaviours.
K8s container extensions rls1807 1804-Test CSIT-1037 Adding more Pod and Memif topologies - targeting node-full tests with multiple service chains.
VPP TCP/IP stack OnHold 1804-Test Blocked by T-Rex, HTTP and TCP/IP performance tests using TRex for CPS and RPS benchmarks.
Netgate CPE rls1807 1804-Test Specific tests to be defined.
Clock cycles per VPP node into CSIT-PAL rls1807 1804-PAL Dependency on VPP API for "show run". Status tbc.
New performance trending Done 1804-Test CSIT-913 Performance trending jobs with new MRR and optimized NDR/PDR search tests
New vpp-csit perf jobs Done 1804-Test CSIT-941, CSIT-919 New MRR-based vpp-csit perf jobs with execution per patch.
Automated performance analysis with anomaly detection Done 1804-PAL CSIT-942, CSIT-943, CSIT-945Performance analysis, regression and progression detection.
Centos7 VIRL tests Done 1804-Test CSIT-602 Complete productization of Centos7 VPP tests for all VPP functional tests in FD.io CSIT VIRL infra.
New DMM functional test scripts rls1807 1804-Test CSIT-1018 Functional tests of DMM host stack adapter library.

Release Milestones

rls1804 Milestone Date Deliverables
Code complete 2018-04-11 Test cases code frozen. Only bug fixes and low-risk changes accepted. Aligned with VPP RC2.
Branch pull 2018-04-11 Pull CSIT rls1804 throttle branch. Aligned with VPP RC2. Initial VPP RC2 performance tests.
CSIT Release 2018-04-18 CSIT rls1804 test code complete. VPP1801 rls testing.
CSIT Report 2018-05-04 CSIT rls1804 report to be published. Moved from 2018-05-02 due to longer performance test cycle and test data collection.

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects