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This page tracks release information for FD.io CSIT 1901. It is updated regularly by hand. Real-time information is available in FD.io CSIT code repository and auto-generated docs.

Release Milestones

Milestone Date Deliverables
F0 2019-01-09 Test case keywords code complete. Only low-risk changes accepted.
RC1 2019-01-16 (F0+7) Code complete. Pull first release branch. Only bug fixes accepted in release branch. Date aligned with VPP RC1.
RC2 2019-01-23 (RC1+7) Dry-run testing begins of VPP RC2, performance and functional. Date aligned with VPP RC2.
CSIT Release 2019-01-30 (RC2+7) CSIT release complete. VPP release testing starts. Date aligned with VPP Formal Release.
Report Publish 2019-02-13 (Rls+14) CSIT report published for VPP release.

Release Deliverables

Name Status Jira Category Description
Soak Tests Done 1901-Framework Productize soak throughput tests for given PLR and extended test duration.
VPP Patch Performance Tests Done 1901-Framework VPP patch vs. parent performance tests, degradation detection, gerrit voting. Auto-trigger subject to physical testbeds' capacity.
CSIT PAPI Support Next rls 1901-Framework Move CSIT code from VAT to PAPI, rewrite of Level-1 Keywords.
NFV Density Done 1901-Framework Experimental: infrastructure code for VNF and CNF density performance tests.
1n-arm VPP_Device Next rls 1901-Framework Bring up VPP_Device test environment on 1n-arm testbed(s).
1n-dnv VPP_Device Next rls 1901-Framework Bring up VPP_Device test environment on 1n-dnv testbed(s).
VPP_Path Open 1901-Framework Continue moving non-device-driver CSIT VIRL tests to VPP_Path (VPP make test) integration tests:

i) Required for functional acceptance of VPP feature path(s) driven by use case(s);

ii) See P1 and P2 markup in CSIT_VIRL migration progress.

Clock cycles per VPP node into CSIT-PAL Next rls 1901-Framework Use the new VPP stats infra to retrieve runtime counters, requires PAPI support in FD.io CSIT.
3n-arm Environment Next rls 1901-Framework Bring up 2n-arm testbeds in LFN FD.io lab.
2n-dnv Environment Next rls 1901-Framework Bring up 2n-dnv testbeds in LFN FD.io lab.
3n-arm Tests Next rls 1901-Test Port existing 2n-skx tests to 2n-arm environment.
2n-dnv Tests Next rls 1901-Test Port existing 2n-skx tests to 2n-dnv environment.
AVF Driver Tests Next rls 1901-Test 2n-skx: drive parity of test coverage with DPDK for all baseline and scale tests.
2n-skx Tests Done 1901-Test 2n-skx: drive test parity with 3n-skx, focusing on non-tunnel encapsulations.
3n-skx Tests Done 1901-Test If new NICs added, add baseline tests for these.
VPP_Device Xeon Done 1901-Test 1n-skx: add device-driver focused tests (migration away from VIRL).
VPP_Device Arm Next rls 1901-Test 1n-arm: add device-driver focused tests (migration away from VIRL).
VPP_Device Denverton Next rls 1901-Test 1n-dnv: add device-driver focused tests (migration away from VIRL).
NFV Density Tests WIP 1901-Test Experimental: Density performance tests with VNF Service Chains, CNF Service Chains and CNF Service Pipelines.

Jira Task Tracking

All CSIT release deliverables should be tracked in FDio CSIT Jira using one of the following Jira Epic categories:

  1. Framework
  2. Operations
  3. Test
  4. PAL
  5. VIRL
  6. HoneyComb
  7. [DMM]

Multi-Release Work Areas

Work Area Description
Xeon Skx testbeds Make Skylake performance test coverage complete:

i) Boost tests in 2-Node setups, complete 3-Node setups;

ii) Complete Memif/Container and Vhost-user/VM with latest QEMU;

iii) Push vpp-dev to Ubuntu 18.04.

Arm testbeds Introduce Arm performance tests.
Atom testbeds Introduce Denverton and Rangeley performance tests.
Better vhost, memif coverage Produce more complete test data for NFV service density:

i) Scaled-out Vhost-user/VM and Memif/Container tests; ii) Test the same packet paths and NF topologies: service chains, service pipelines;

iii) See if we can isolate the actual cost of Vhostuser-virtio and Memif-Memif virtual interfaces based on the test and system telemetry.

iv) Test with VM and Containers running on a single Processor (single socket) with no core oversubscription and with.

v) Extend the test over two Processors to quantify impact of UPI latency (and bandwidth).

VPP per patch performance tests Productise per VPP patch performance tests with change detection, prepare for voting:

i) Improve detection accuracy and precision;

ii) Nail down current results variance;

iii) Apply improvements to continuous trending and (future) git auto-bisection.

Trending Improved Detection Make trending job use new Burst MRR trending tests for better anomaly detection:

i) Currently postponed, as the algorithm detects performance changes not related to VPP code.

ii) We need heavy workarounds or way more predictable SUT behavior.

More VPP telemetry reported and analysed API based consumption of VPP telemetry including existing general counters, and future extended per node counters.
Evolve throughput search Build upon MLRsearch and PLRsearch experience vs. ordinary binary search:

i) Compare MLRsearch with PLRsearch soak test results.

General enhancements General CSIT and VPP performance test and infrastructure enhancements:

i) Productize VPP_Device container-based functional tests in 1-Node Skylake testbeds, assist with the same for Arm;

ii) Add proper packet latency measurements with T-Rex HDRhistogram, push T-Rex to productize HDRh'gram;

iii) Start using the new VPP stats infra for per test counters and "gauges" collection incl. "show runtime", instead of VPP show CLI;

iv) Start migration from VAT to VPP Python API;

v) Nail down "broken"/not-performing VPP data plane feature arcs (incl. multi-threading) indicated by CSIT-18.10 results data.

External Dependencies

  1. No known external dependencies.