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This page tracks release information for FD.io CSIT-2009. It is updated regularly by hand. Real-time information is available in FD.io CSIT code repository and auto-generated docs.

Release Milestones

Milestone Date Deliverables
F0 2020-09-02 Test case keywords code complete. Only low-risk changes accepted.
RC1 2020-09-09 (F0+7) Code complete. Pull first release branch. Only bug fixes accepted in release branch. Date aligned with VPP RC1. Start dry-runs to identify CSIT gaps on less frequently run tests.
RC2 2020-09-16 (RC1+7) Dry-run testing begins of VPP RC2, performance and functional. Date aligned with VPP RC2.
CSIT Release 2020-09-30 (RC2+14) CSIT release complete. VPP release testing starts. Date aligned with VPP Formal Release.
Report Publish 2020-10-14 (Rls+14) CSIT report published for VPP release.

Release Deliverables

Name Status Jira Category Description
VPP-DEV API coverages DONE Device Add NAT-ED and NAT-EI vpp_device tests for better VPP API coverage, as those are executed per vpp patch and per csit patch.
NAT-ED perf tests DONE Performance Add performance tests for NAT endpoint-dependent mode.
NAT-EI perf tests DONE Performance Add performance tests for NAT endpoint-independent mode.

Jira Task Tracking

All CSIT release deliverables should be tracked in FDio CSIT Jira using one of the following Jira Epic categories:

CI process

Multi-Release Work Areas

Work Area Description

External Dependencies

  1. No known external dependencies.