CSIT/csit lab 2022 plan

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FD.io Lab 2022 Plan

Following is the list of year 2022 lab investment areas discussed and agreed across FD.io community:

  1. AWS Performance Testing
    • Provide CSIT with increased testing capabilities to execute test suite against AWS Cloud server configurations and report results.
    • Significantly increase the testing profile of the lab, without investing in physical hardware.
    • Request for budget to execute tests in AWS ~12k/year.
  2. Build machines
    • Faster Arm, as current VPP build takes 1hr on Arm, vs sub-20min on x86.
  3. Performance testbeds: testbeds with
    • Fast Arm servers (promised in the past, but still not confirmed.
    • Low power x86/Atom/SnowRidge servers
    • New Intel Xeon SapphireRapids SuperMicro servers that are confirmed to ship in CY2022.
    • Plus Xeon servers for TG/TRex per FD.io lab funding agreement.
  4. Replace software Router with a hardware Router
    • Invest in physical router/switch in DC.
    • Virtual router currently used to manage subnets, identified as the root cause of several underlying issues.
  5. Testing Data Analytics
    • Request for servers and/or AWS services to process testing data for report generation.
  6. Continue rack allocation, with 6th rack allocation, as originally requested and approved in 2019.