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Introducing Gerrit

Gerrit is the code review mechanism. All code pushed is first verified and reviewed before it is merged.

Registering your ssh key with Gerrit

In order to use ssh git urls for interacting with gerrit you will need to register your ssh public key with gerrit.

Log into Gerrit

Go to

You will see an screen like:

Gerrit - Initial.jpg

Click 'Login' in the upper right hand corner.

Sign in with your LF username and password:

Gerrit Code Review - Sign In.jpg

Go to Settings

Click on your name in the upper right hand corner:

Gerrit - Open.jpg

Select 'Settings'

Gerrit - Settings.jpg

Set ssh key

Instructions for getting git and generating an ssh key on Windows

When the 'Settings' screen comes up select 'SSH Settings' in the left hand nav (you can also use this direct link):

Gerrit - Settings String.jpg

Fill in your ssh public key (there are lots of helpful instructions on this screen for generating a key if you need it, and where to find your public key):

Gerrit - Set SSH Key.jpg

Once you've filled it out it should look something like this:

Gerrit - SSH key filled in.jpg

And once you've submitted it it should look something like this:

Gerrit - SSH key - complete.jpg

Accessing from within DMZ machine

Accessing public repo from within DMZ machine