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Here are the training materials for the Paris event from May 31st to June 3rd.

Some materials are still missing and will be uploaded on Tuesday.


All the sessions were recorded. Videos will be edited and made available on Youtube channel.

Day One

1.0.0 Introduction

1.0.1 Ericsson Perspective on

1.1 VPP Features

1.2 VPP Architecture

1.3 CSIT Overview

1.4 Governance

1.5 Scalable Open-Source Based NFVI

1.6 Introduction to Honeycomb

1.7 Fast Data Stacks

1.8 VPP Install Instructions

Day Two

2.0 Install Party

2.1 VPP User Experience (no materials)

2.2 Lab 1: Virtual Networks - Routing and Switching

2.3 Introduction to huge-pages, sock-mem, threading model, ... (no materials)

2.4 Building VPP (no materials)

2.5 Lab 2: DPDK interface, MacSwap plugin usage, tracing packets

2.6 DPDK Overview

2.7 Data-Plane Software Optimization

Day Three

3.0 Introduction to VPP Programing

3.1 Develop APIs (to be uploaded soon)

3.2 MacSwap Code Walkthrough (no materials)

3.3 FIB Code Walkthrough (no materials)

3.4 VPP Tunnel encap/decap code walkthrough (no materials)

3.5 Introduction to CSIT

3.6 Tools for technical contributions

Day Four

4.0 VPP as a MAP Border Relay

4.1 Submit Patches to

4.2 VPP on Tegra

4.3 VPP as a VSwitch (no materials)