Events/Training Hackfest-2016-04 Agenda

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Tentative Agenda

Instructors: Dave Barach, Keith Burns, Damjan Marion, Cristian Dumitrescu

Day 1 – Monday 4/4 (PM Only)

12.30-1pm Regisration/Check-In

Executive Opening Talks

Goals, Getting Started, Overview

Container integration (lab) VM integration (slides)

Code contribution mechanics, Top 5 problems, what we need in bug reports

DPDK introduction

Day 2 – Tuesday 4/5 (Full Day)

Executive Overview - Dave Ward

Dataplane Programming

Macswap overview

VPP Key functions and structure

VPP initialisation diagram and code

Event logger

Breaking down macswap

  • dual loop
  • Packet tracer - adding src/dst to macswap trace
  • Binary API overview
  • Macswap binary API

Day 3 – Wednesday 4/6 (Full Day)

Continue “Learning by doing”

  • Explain debug CLI
  • Explain config functions
  • Node graph wiring, using graph

Classifier walkthru

Buffer metadata

Multi-core walkthrough + DPDK integration

Day 4 – Thursday 4/7 AM

In-depth technical breakouts

  • IP FIB / adjacency walkthrough
  • Time permitting
    • Whitelist/Blacklist Filter Walkthrough
    • Advanced Graph Hacking
  • Use VPP as an LW46 (MAP-E) Terminator
  • ONE project (LISP)
  • CSIT + Performance testing
  • Open Q&A

Day 4 – Thursday 4/7 PM Community Hackfest

  • Bring your ideas
  • Interesting achievable suggestions will be provided