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Jenkins Job Builder uses Jenkins Job Builder to translate YAML job configuration into job descriptions suitable for consumption by Jenkins. When testing new Jenkins Jobs in the Jenkins Sandbox, you will need to use the jenkins-jobs executable to translate a set of jobs into their XML descriptions and upload them to the sandbox Jenkins server.

Install Jenkins Job Builder

We recommend installing JJB in a Virtual Environment to isolate JJB and its dependencies.

Virtual Environments

Create a new virtual environment for each JJB version

$ mkvirtualenv jjb_<version>
# A new virtual environment was created in /home/<user>/.virtualenvs
$ source /home/<user>/.virtualenvs/jjb_test/bin/activate
# The virtual environment has been activated
$ pip install jenkins-job-builder
# The lastest version of jenkins-job-builder is installed
$ jenkins-jobs --version
# Jenkins Job Builder version: x.x.x
  • Note: You should use the version of JJB that is in production. You can install a specific version of JJB
pip install jenkins-job-builder==<version>