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JVPP - Java API for VPP

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JVPP is a VPP module providing Java APIs for VPP. Java APIs provide a way for a JVM application to access and manage VPP. Main use of JVPP is in Honeycomb project. Honeycomb relies heavily on JVPP to access and manage VPP.

JVPP contains of manually crafted code together with generated classes. Classes are being generated by python based on VPP API json files. Generated code represents various Java classes (Callbacks, callfacades, DTOs, types ...) and jni header files.

JVPP overview
Overview of JVPP usage

Plugin Support

VppRegistry opens connection to VPP (VppConnection) and manages JVPP plugins. Each plugin needs to be registered in the VppRegistry. Registration involves plugin initialization (providing JNI implementation with JVppCallback reference, VPP client identifier and VPP shared memory queue address).

Architecture of JVPP
JVPP - Architecture

API user sends message by calling a method of appropriate plugin interface. The call is delegated to JNI implementation provided by the particular plugin. When JNI code receives reply, it invokes callback method of JVppCallback that corresponds to the received message reply.

JVppCore as an example of JVPP plugin architecture
JVppCore as an example of JVPP plugin architecture

Components marked with an asterisk (*) contain manually crafted code, which in addition to generated classes form jvpp. Exception applies to Callbacks and DTOs, since there are manually crafted marker interfaces in callback and dto package (dto/JVppRequest, dto/JVppReply, dto/JVppDump, dto/JVppReplyDump, callback/JVppCallback)


Project main goal is to provide Java API for VPP, to enable access and management of VPP.

JVPP project scope:

  • jvpp-gen
    • Java API generator, allows Java applications to interact with VPP.
  • jvpp-registry
    • Provides common features: registration of plugins, managing VPP conection, callback handling, common functions...
  • jvpp-plugins
    • Provides Java APIs for VPP core APIs and several VPP plugin APIs. Currently supported plugins: Acl, Nat, Nsh, GTPU, PPPoE

Out of scope:

  • Vpp-vapi
    • VPP binary APIs, part of the base VPP project.

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No current or expected issues with vendor neutrality.

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Meets board policy as expressed in Technical Community Charter and IP Policy


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