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VSAP(VPP Stack Acceleration Project) aims to establish an industry user space application ecosystem based on VPP host stack. VSAP will adapt existing open source projects, e.g., Nginx and Envoy, with the host stack and will upstream changes whenever possible. The project will benefit both VPP host stack and the applications. Firstly, VSAP aims to help stabilize the host stack through community effort. Secondly, if possible, VSAP will try to enhance both host stack and the applications' performance. VSAP will firstly focus on Nginx and VPP host stack integration and long term the goal is to cover more projects.

The architecture of VSAP taking Nginx as example

The initial code is contributed by Intel and Shanghai Jiaotong University. POC code is ready, and we can achieve around 100% RPS improvement for 1KB Nginx requests. Below is the performance test result for reference.

Nginx performance test


VSAP's main goal is to adapt existing popular open source projects to work with VPP's host stack and, whenever possible, to upstream such changes to their respective projects. Additionally, VSAP will provide necessary configuration parameters and test scripts to help users easily start from scratch or to automate testing.

  • Integrated/adapt Projects
    • Start from Nginx, and will cover more projects such as Envoy, gRPC etc.
  • Environment
    • Adapt to all environment such as bare mental, containers and VMs.
  • Performance tuning
    • Add CSIT tests
    • Find VCL bottlenecks

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