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OpFlex VPP Renderer

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Opflex is an open-source policy resolution framework project on OpenDaylight. Renderers need to be written for every datapath that can program the policy exchanged between opflex peers. VPP renderer implements OpFlex policy model for the VPP datapath. Link to project proposal: File:Opflex VPP renderer project proposal.pptx


Integration with policy model defined by a parallel opflex agent release.

Development goals include: Implement a set of overlay networking constructs like bridge domain, routing domain and service chaining as defined in the policy model.

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No vendor issues.

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Meets board policy as expressed in Technical Community Charter and IP Policy


  • Request for Project proposal consideration
    • Email: (place link to email to TSC proposing project, this can be obtained from [1]
    • Date: 05/29/2019