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Project Name

Name: deb-dpdk

Transcribed as deb_dpdk as necessary

Project Contact Name and Email

Repository Name

There were discussions around the name, but none of us minds so much. There seem to be a rule to keep the name C-identifier compatible and close to the project name which this one achieves. We also put 'deb' instead of 'pkg' in there to avoid naming conflicts with pkg packaging as well as (if ever) rpm packaging in the same scope.

Name: deb_dpdk


The deb-dpdk team produces packages of and for the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).


  • Producing .deb packages of DPDK for Ubuntu and other Debian-based systems
  • Throw together our collection of backports and other features to create a bigger and better DPDK package for all of us
  • Testing .deb packaging of DPDK
  • Testing by various different dpdk consumers reflected by the different participating people (openvswitch, vpp, odp, ...)
  • Over time maybe useful tools and machinery in support / CI of same
  • It essentially is a boiler plate to mature contributions in the face of multiple DPDK (packaging) consumers
  • Mid term, once testing and packaging is matured; we intend to feed back generic parts (not release dependent) to the main repository
    • That should shrink the delta we have to maintain and is the right place to host it
    • The rule of thumb is all in /debian but without /debian/patches
    • This might eventually allow cross distribution sharing e.g. of init scripts
  • We might discuss or even host Distribution release specific patches e.g. patches on top what got released into Debian sid
    • but this will in no way be a dpdk release specific a stable tree
    • In fact are working on creating stable trees currently which is great and would be the preferred things we would like to be based on eventually.

Initial Committers

  • Christian Ehrhardt <>
  • Luca Bocassi <>
  • Damjan Marion <>
  • C.J. Collier <>
  • Thiago Martins <>

Vendor Neutral

The packaging will be hardware vendor neutral to the best of the committers' abilities. Packaging which is specific to individual vendors will be maintained according to industry best practices or as specified by the TSC. Although it will be Distribution specific by being based on .deb packaging.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR, being within Board defined Scope etc)

Meets board policy as expressed in Technical Community Charter and IP Policy