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Performance Measurement and Analysis Tools

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Patrick Lu <>

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pma_tools project aims to develop software tools for performance and efficiency measurements of compute optimized network data plane applications like VPP (and similar) while running on compute platform(s) . pma_tools will provide tools that enable systematic measurement methodologies of such applications and are to be directly integrated within the operating environment(s) and projects like VPP, CSIT and TRex using developed APIs. This could facilitate further standardization of performance measurement and analysis methodologies for compute platforms running network workloads.


Project initial target development areas include:

  • Automation tooling with python interface (API) for packet traffic generation (e.g. Ixia) and throughput benchmark test definitions, life-cycle management and granular measurement data analytic.
  • A set of scripts to create Ubuntu live image with benchmark-centric customizations (pre-installed benchmarks and library dependencies).
    • The identical image will be able to deploy in various test environments, such as bare-metal, VM setup. This enable a consistent and calibrated environment for performance testing.
  • Tools to calibrate OS level CPU “jitter” (CPU core context switching) introduced by kernel- and other user-space tasks.

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Meets board policy as expressed in Technical Community Charter and IP Policy


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