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Project Contact Name and Email

Feng Pan -

Repository Name



Deploys FD.IO projects, currently VPP and Honeycomb agent, to to various OSs using puppet.

Code currently hosted on github:


  • Installs VPP and Honeycomb agent.
  • Configures VPP and Honeycomb agent, including shutting down host interface and binding to VPP.
  • The main use case is for Openstack installer such as TripleO to use this module to automatically configure VPP and Honeycomb agent during deployment.
  • It is also possible to use the module by itself to configure VPP without Openstack.
  • Currently only tested on CentOS, but the goal is to also support Ubuntu in the future.

Initial Committers

  • Feng Pan -
  • Tim Rozet -

Vendor Neutral

This module will be vendor neutral.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR, being within Board defined Scope etc)

Meets board policy as expressed in Technical Community Charter and IP Policy