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Project Name


Project Contact Name and Email

Thomas F Herbert:

Repository Name

Name: rpm_dpdk


The rpm-dpdk project will produce RPM packages of the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).


  • Producing RPM packages of DPDK for Centos and other RPM based systems
  • Hold interim patch sets for backporting to DPDK until merged upstream.
  • Testing RPM packaging of DPDK.
  • Testing by DPDK consumers such as the projects vpp, vpp, odp, etc.
  • Provide useful tools and mechanisms to support CI of packages built by this project.
  • Facilitate building of DPDK as dependent package for VPP and other packages downstream in Centos and perhaps other distros.
    • Act as boiler plate for mature contributions for multiple DPDK (RPM) consumers.
  • Once testing and packaging is assured,feedback spec files and other bits to upstream DPDK project:
    • Shrink any patch delta maintained in this project as much as possible.
      • toward the goal of carrying zero patches but this not be avoidable temporarily.
    • Facilitate discussion of kernel module support for PMD uio with the goal of resolution in downstream distros.

Initial Committers

  • Thomas F Herbert <>
  • Billy McFall <>

Vendor Neutral

The packaging will be hardware vendor neutral subject to limitations of the downstream distros and to the best of the committers' abilities. Packaging which is specific to individual vendors will be maintained according to industry best practices or as specified by the TSC. Although it will be Distribution specific by being based on RPM packaging.

Meets Board Policy (including IPR, being within Board defined Scope etc)

Meets board policy as expressed in Technical Community Charter and IP Policy