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The UDPI (Universal Deep Packet Inspection) project is a reference framework to build a high performance solution for Deep Packet Inspection, integrated with the general purpose VPP stack. It leverages industry regex matching library to provide a rich set of features, which can be used in IPS/IDS, Web Firewall and similar applications.

The initial code contributions are from Intel and Travelping.

Overview of the UDPI reference framework:


UDPI's main responsibility is to provide a reference framework for Deep Packet Inspection. It will cover below key components:

  • Flow Classification
    • HW flow offloading leveraging rte_flow on DPDK
    • SW flow classification
    • Supports both ipv4 and ipv6 flows
    • Supports Tunnel Traffic Classification
    • BD-aware and VRF-aware
    • Bi-directional traffic maps to one flow.
  • Flow Expiration
    • Timer-based expiration mechanism
    • TCP session aware expiration mechanism
  • TCP Segments Reassembly
    • TCP connection track
    • TCP segments re-ordering
    • TCP segments overlap handling
  • Application Database
    • Default static Application Database
    • Add new Application rules dynamically
  • Application Detection
    • Leverage Hyperscan Stream Mode
    • Reassembly TCP segments on the fly
  • Application-based Actions
    • Qos
    • Rate Limiting
    • Policy Routing
    • SDWAN
  • Supported Protocols:
    • HTTP
    • DNS
    • QUIC


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