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This page tracks release information for 18.10

Release Deliverables

Name Description Status
INFRA DPDK 18.08 integration
LB Support per-port VIP and all-port VIP Done
NSH Port NSH plugin to VPP Done
MC-CRYPTO Support DPDK Multi-core Crypto-Dev In Progress: Review Id: 15084
DPI Port Hyperscan to VPP In progress
Support Block Mode and Single Pattern Match In progress
INFRA New Stats infrastructure (interface, error, node performance counters) Done
Add configurable "Doug Lea malloc" support Done
NAT TCP MSS clamping Done
Session timeout Done
Configurable port range Done
Virtual Fragmentation Reassembly for endpoint-dependent mode Done
Client-IP based session affinity for load-balancing Done

Release Milestones

The schedule below is FINAL as agreed on Aug 21st during VPP project meeting

Milestone Date Deliverables
F0 2018-10-03 APIs frozen. Only low-risk changes accepted on main branch.
RC1 2018-10-10 (F0 + 7) Code complete, pull first release throttle branch, only bug fixes accepted on throttle train. After pull: main branch reopens for new feature / risky commits. First artifacts posted.
RC2 2018-10-17 (RC1 + 7) Second artifacts posted.
Formal Release 2018-10-24 (RC2 + 7) 18.10 release artifacts available

NOTE: Dates chosen based on:

  • end-month release
  • milestone + days
  • release date after VPP community meeting, for discussion, go/no-go

Once we've pulled the 18.10 release throttle

We need to be disciplined with respect to bugfix commits. Here are a few common-sense suggestions:

  • All bug fixes must be double-committed to the release throttle as well as to the master branch
    • Commit first to the release throttle, then "git cherry-pick" into master
    • Manual merges may be required, depending on the degree of divergence between throttle and master
  • All bug fixes need to have a Jira ticket
    • Please put Jira IDs into the commit messages.
    • Please use the same Jira ID for commits into the stable branch and master.

Features to be added in 18.10


Expected Dependencies on Other Projects