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The TWS is modeled from the same concept as the OpenDaylight Technical Work Stream

Meeting Schedule and Logistics

The Technical Work Stream meetings are held weekly every other Tuesdays at 8am PDT To participate in the next meeting, please refer to the information below:

  • Meeting coordinators:
    • Ed Warnicke

Teleconference information

   08:00 am  |  PST Time | 1 hr 
   Join WebEx meeting:
   Meeting number:	208 916 312
   Meeting password:	default (3332858 from phones)
   Host key: 154357

IRC Chat Room

TWS meetings are on #fdio-meeting on freenode.

Upcoming Meeting Agendas

Future Meetings

Date (Tue 8:00am PST) Topic Presenter Description Time needed
Jul 18, 2017 Using VPP with Clear Containers "Castelino, Manohar R" <>
"Ernst, Eric" <>
Clear Containers is an Open Containers Initiative (OCI) “runtime” that launches an Intel VT-x secured hypervisor rather than a standard Linux container. An introduction of Clear Containers will be provided, followed by an overview of CNM networking plugins which have been created to enhance network connectivity using Clear Containers. More specifically, we will show demonstrations of using VPP with DPDK and SRIO-v based networks to connect Clear Containers. 1 hour

Information From Past Meetings

NOTE if a date is missing it is due to the meeting being cancelled due to no topic.

Jul-26 - VPP docs and how to do it - doxygen with Chris Luke

Jun14 - Creating Jenkins jobs TOI

Jun14 - Creating Jenkins jobs TOI

Jun7 - How ODL GBP uses Vagrant for demo

May24 - CSIT verification for multiple linux images

May3 - documentation (vpp 16.06)