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Modular MiddleBox plugin


mmb is a plugin that intents to implement middlebox policies that can be configured using generic CLI commands. It performs stateless packet matching based on any combination of constraints on network or transport protocol fields, stateful TCP and UDP flow matching, packet rewrite, packet dropping, bidirectionnal mapping. mmb is protocol-agnostic by allowing to match and rewrite fields ip4-payload, udp-payload and tcp-opt.


Run with vagrant


Install Vagrant and VirtualBox on host machine.


Still on host machine, navigate to vagrant/ and run:

   vagrant up
   vagrant ssh


On the virtual machine, navigate to vpp-mb/scripts. This directory contains scripts to create a few (VPP-only) network topologies that can be used to test mmb. For example, topologies/ip4/small.sh creates a 3 nodes (client - middlebox - server) topology.

CLI Commands

All available commands are described in docs/user-guide.pdf.

Current status

Latest and future additions are described in RELEASE. Note that VPP post-18.01 is not currently supported.