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 mackonstan    #startmeeting FD.io CSIT project meeting      14:56
 mackonstan    #chair      14:56
 mackonstan    #endmeeting     14:57
 mackonstan    Any idea why ircbot commands are not working for me ?     14:58
 dwallacelf    #info Dave Wallace      15:03
 mackonstan    #chair      15:04
 vrpolak   #info Vratko Polak.     15:06
 jgelety   #info Jan Gelety      15:06
 mackonstan    #topic Agenda bashing     15:06
 mackonstan    #topic Physical labs, testbeds      15:07
 mackonstan    #info no updates      15:07
 mackonstan    #topic Inputs from projects     15:07
 mackonstan    #info Dave updating, VPP v20.01 on track.     15:08
 mackonstan    #info TSC - project proposal: VSAP      15:09
 mackonstan    #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/Project_Proposals/VSAP      15:09
 mackonstan    #info CNCF CNF Testbed - no updates.      15:10
 mackonstan    #topic Releases     15:10
 mackonstan    #info CSIT-1908 - weekly trending for stable/1908 - no update.      15:11
 mackonstan    #info VPP v19.08v2 - deferred to after v20.01 release, as no interest so far. We also need trending tests, due to a volume of patches in stable/1908.     15:13
 mackonstan    #action Jan, Tibor, Maciek - add stable/1908 weekly trending.     15:15
 mackonstan    #info CSIT-2001 - wiki status needs to be updated.      15:16
 mackonstan    #link https://wiki.fd.io/view/CSIT/csit2001_plan      15:16
 mackonstan    #topic Operations     15:17
 mackonstan    #info LFN CI/CD infra - Ed updating - Nomad multi-cluster updated, people should see improvements, no more maintenance work required.     15:17
 mackonstan    #info Centos8 builds - Ed updating - finishing Docker builder.      15:18
 mackonstan    #info Ed updating - Auto re-check is still in place. From time to time masks -1 from other jobs.      15:20
 mackonstan    #info Dave updating - last week we had crc api check -1 escape, arm job was re-run triggered by auto recheck, and overwritten the former, enabling merge of a broken patch.     15:21
 mackonstan    #info need to check with AndrewY re status of make test repeatability     15:24
 mackonstan    #info vpp-csit-device tests - re-enable voting - concern with support model.      15:28
 mackonstan    #info vpp api-crc tests - voting - concern with support model.      15:28
 mackonstan    #topic VPP code performance     15:30
 mackonstan    #info Next FD.io CSIT call on 08-Jan-2020. Happy holidays Everyone!     15:32
 jgelety   #info - daily perf tests - only l2patch taest failing, all other are OK     15:32
 jgelety   #topic Developments     15:33
 jgelety   #info test environments - no update     15:33
 jgelety   #info migration to Python 3 - nmpost of the work done, the last not merged part are t-rex profiel files     15:34
 jgelety   #info suite generator improvements  - Vratko - ongoing      15:35
 jgelety   #info deprecatrd tests - next to remove is DMM      15:36
 jgelety   #info - PAL - Tibor working on improvements     15:37
 jgelety   #info - new API functional tests - Nidhy - LB tests in review     15:38
 jgelety   #endmeeting