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All CSIT release deliverables should be tracked in FDio CSIT Jira using one of the following Jira Epic categories:

  1. 1707-Report CSIT-618.
  2. 1707-Tests CSIT-616.
  3. VIRL-GetWellPlan CSIT-581.
  4. 1707-Optimizations CSIT-615.
  5. 1707-Honeycomb CSIT-658.

Release Deliverables

Name Status Category Description
Stateful Security Groups Done 1707-Tests perf CSIT-622 L2 switching with (Stateful) Security Groups required by OpenStack ML2 VPP use cases.
NSH_SFC Done 1707-Tests func CSIT-676 VPP as Service Function Forwarder SFF, SFC Classifier, NSH Proxy.
VM vhost use cases Done 1707-Tests perf CSIT-659 Add more vhost configurations, use cases and topologies: multi-thread multi-core, Qemu config variants, VXLAN.
DPDK17.05 testpmd Done 1707-Tests perf Standalone DPDK tests for baseline NIC-to-NIC performance.
LXC memif use cases Done 1707-Tests perf CSIT-646 Initial VPP in LXC memif use cases and topologies.
VPP multi-thread profiling Done 1707-Tests perf CSIT-421 Updates to existing m-thread m-core tests to verify results repeatibility. Not introducing simultaneous multi-threading SMT (Intel hyper-threading HT).
Centos7 VIRL tests WIP VIRL-GetWellPlan CSIT-602 Complete productization of Centos7 VPP tests for all VPP functional tests in FD.io CSIT VIRL infra.
NIC models coverage Done 1707-Tests perf Extending perf tests coverage for x710, xl710, vic1385, vic1227.
CSIT Framework Optimization Done 1707-Optimizations CSIT-575 CSIT code optimizations. Description in Design Optimizations wiki.
HoneyComb func Done 1707-Honeycomb func CSIT-658 CSIT HoneyComb functional tests. Description in [1] wiki.
HoneyComb perf Done 1707-Honeycomb perf CSIT-658 CSIT HoneyComb performance tests. Description in [2] wiki.
CryptoDev Future 1707-Tests perf Further VPP cryptodev use cases.
SRv6 Future 1707-Tests perf CSIT-684 Initial VPP SRv6 performance tests.
NAT44 multi-core Future 1707-Tests perf CSIT-672 SNAT44 multi-thread multi-core performance tests.
IPFIX Future 1707-Tests perf IPFIX netflow per flow statistics collection.
SPAN Future 1707-Tests perf SPAN performance tests.
rls1707 Report WIP 1707-Report CSIT-618 CSIT rls1707 report auto-generation including Jenkins test execution for test results generation and auto-rendering of all test results into report graphs and tables.

Release Milestones

rls1707 Milestone Date Deliverables
Code complete 2017-07-06 Test cases code frozen. Only bug fixes and low-risk changes accepted.
Branch pull 2017-07-06 Pull CSIT rls1707 throttle branch.
CSIT Release 2017-07-12 CSIT rls1707 test code complete. VPP1707 rls testing.
CSIT Report 2017-07-26 CSIT rls1707 report published

Expected Dependencies on Other Projects

  • dpdk-17.05 release
  • vpp-17.07 release
  • honeycomb
  • nsh_sfc
  • one