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Honeycomb 1609 release

First release of Honeycomb (VPP management agent).

Slides with Honeycomb 1609 overview: File:HC 1609 overview.pptx

Release plan



16.09 release of Honeycomb comes with these features:

  • Generic, model-driven agent framework providing northbound interfaces
  • V3po plugin for VPP management with following capabilities:
    • Interface management
    • Bridge-domain management
      • ARP termination table management
    • VXLAN tunnel management
    • VHOST-user interface managmenet
    • TAP interface management
    • VLAN management
    • Low-level classifier API access
    • ACL management based on ietf-acl model
      • L2 permit/deny
      • L3 permit/deny
    • Vxlan GPE tunnel management
    • GRE management
  • NSH plugin for VPP's NSH plugin with following capabilities
    • NSH plugin support
  • LISP plugin for VPP with following capabilities
    • LISP managment
  • Distribution available as zip, tar.gz, DEB and RPM packages

For further information refer to:


YANG models

List of YANG models implemented by Honeycomb:

Install guide

Installing binaries:

Manual build

How to setup and build Honeycomb locally

Distribution notes

Honeycomb is packaged as a static set of jars, that are loaded by Honeycomb Main class, where pre-configured plugins are then started.


Minimal footprint for Honeycomb infrastructure (without any plugins) at rest below 100Mb. For Honeycomb distribution with VPP related plugins, minimal footprint was observed below 150Mb.

The footprint varies depending on:

  • VM load. Under heavier load, JVM tends to release some unused memory used during Honeycomb initialization.
  • Northbound interface configuration (4 interfaces started by default: Restconf HTTP, HTTPS, Netconf TCP, SSH). Minimal footprint can be achieved by using only a single interface.
  • JVM configuration. Even lower footprint numbers can be achieved by using aggressive JVM memory options: -client -Xms20m -Xmx32m -XX:MetaspaceSize=5m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=32m -XX:MaxMetaspaceExpansion=1m -Xss512k -XX:+UseSerialGC -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xverify:none -noverify
  • Amount of data stored by Honeycomb.

User Guide

Configuration files

Honeycomb's configuration files present within its distribution:

POSTMAN collections

POSTMAN (google chrome REST client app) collections containing sample requests for all Honeycomb features. Useful when looking in depth for what Honeycomb supports.

Running Honeycomb

How to start and use Honeycomb



Devel guide



Subpage list

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