TSC/2022 Chair election

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TSC 2022 Chairperson Election

The TSC voting members shall elect the chair to a two year term and a TSC chair can run for re-election. The eligibility is limited to the sitting TSC members.

  • Nomination/Voting Schedule will proceed as follows:
  • Nominations open: Now through Monday, Feb 21st @ 9am PST
  • Voting: Feb 22nd to March 8th @ 9am PST

Please see the nomination process below.

1. To nominate yourself, please add your name and a brief bio (can also include why you feel you would make a good TSC Chair) - no longer than a couple paragraphs below.

2. On Tuesday Feb 22nd we will consolidate nominations and send them to the TSC voting members for election.

3. Voting will close on Tuesday March 8th @ 9am PST

NOTE: Due to staff transition and a late start ballots were not distributed until March 1st. Voting will close at noon Pacific on March 15, 2022, or when all ballots have been received. -kenny

Nominations (Limited to sitting members of the TSC)

I, Dave Wallace, self-nominate myself for the position of FD.io TSC Chair.

As a contributing member of FD.io since its inception in 2016, I take an active role in VPP, CSIT, ci-management projects -- contributing code, reviewing contributions as a committer, and attending community meetings. I have also participated TSC meetings for two years while maintaining the CI infrastructure. Having worked for 30+ years in numerous roles in the communications industry, I have a history of leading teams and working across business organizations to help build products and meet high level business objectives.

I am extremely enthusiastic about supporting FD.io projects, growing the FD.io community, and continuing to facilitate communications across all FD.io projects in the role of FD.io TSC Chair.