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I want to catch SIGSEGV signal and display the call stack of programs in VPP framework, how can I do it?

is rsvp-te supported by vpp ??

I want to use VPP as data plane and FRR as Control Plane. also I want to use OSPF-te for traffic engineering. I want to know that does VPP supports RSVP-TE? if not is there any similar protocol that I can use instead of rsvp-te??

problems of vpp performance

hi, here I got some troubles while I try to test how good the performance of VPP is, in both ubuntu(18.04 server) and centos(7.2) system.

There are 8 ports each with one network interface card in the machine I use, after dpdk configed and vpp start running, I birdged every interface in vpp'cli and use flowsend tools to give flows to every port. Each flow is 1000M and 128 package lenth. Then I found only 6 ports' Rx rate is about 600M and other 2 is 0M, and what I expected is: all 8 ports' Rx rates shall be full 1000M. When I stop and restart giving flows, I found all 8 ports' Rx rate became 0M and would never recovery. But the cli of VPP is not dead. Then I have to restart VPP to recover the ports.

Any idea what I have missed?

here is the device'info that I used in experiment: CPU: Inter(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3855U 1.60GHz cpu cores :2

internal mem: 8G network interface cards: (I350 1000M)*8