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VPP Facts

Project Lead: Dave Barach

  • Dave Barach
  • Florin Coras
  • John Lo
  • Chris Luke
  • Damjan Marion
  • Neale Ranns
  • Ole Trøan
  • Paul Vinciguerra
  • Dave Wallace
  • Ed Warnicke
  • Andrew Yourtchenko

Repository: git clone https://gerrit.fd.io/r/vpp
Mailing List: vpp-dev@lists.fd.io
Jenkins: jenkins silo
Gerrit Patches: code patches/reviews
Bugs: VPP bugs


What is VPP? - An introduction to the open-source Vector Packet Processing (VPP) platform

VPP - Working Environments - Environments/distributions, etc... that VPP builds/run on.

Feature Summary - A list of features included in VPP

Current Data

Start Here

Quick Start Guide

VPP Configuration Tool - A tool the configures VPP in a simple and safe manner

Frequently Asked Questions


master (19.08): Documentation

Release 19.04.1: Documentation, CSIT-VPP Test Report

Release 19.01.2: Documentation, CSIT-VPP Test Report

CSIT-VPP Continuous Performance Trending: Dashboard, Graphs.

VPP design and implementation overview (Powerpoint)

Code Contribution Metrics

Get Involved

Getting started with VPP development

Installing VPP binaries from packages - using APT/YUM to install VPP

Pulling, Building, Hacking, and Pushing VPP Code - Explains how to get up and going with the vpp code base. NOTE: supercedes Setting Up Your Dev Environment

Building and Installing A VPP Package - Explains how to build, install and test a VPP package

Alternative builds - various platform and feature specific VPP builds

Reporting Bugs - Explains how to report a bug, specifically: how to gather the required information

VPP Troubleshooting - Various tips/tricks for commonly seen issues

Dive Deeper

The VPP API - design and implementation of the VPP API

Build System Deep Dive - A close look at the components of the build system.

Introduction To IP Adjacency - An explanation of the characteristics of IP adjacency and its uses.

Introduction To N-tuple Classifiers - An explanation of classifiers and how to create classifier tables and sessions.

Modifying The Packet Processing Directed Graph - An explanation of how a directed node graph processes packets, and possible ways to change the node graph.

Using VPP In A Multi-thread Model - An explanation of multi-thread modes, configurations, and setup.

Using VPP as a VXLAN Tunnel Terminator - An explanation of the VXLAN tunnel terminator, its features, architecture, and API support.

Adding a VPP tunnel encapsulation - How to add a tunnel encapsulation type to vpp.

Using VPP IPSec and IKEv2 - An explanation of IPSec and IKEv2 configuration.

Reference Material

VPP Software Architecture

VPP Command-line Interface (CLI) User Guide

VPP Command-line Arguments and startup configuration

Writing VPP Documentation

Performance Analysis Tools

How to spot missing prefetches

Buffer Opaque Layout

Feature Arc infrastructure

DPOs and Feature Arcs

Per-feature Notes

VPP Host Stack

Bounded-index extensible hash infrastructure


Deep dive code walkthrough VoDs (recorded at 2016 FD.io pre-launch Event)

VPP video tutorials (collection of short video tutorials).

VPP Howtos (collection of step-by-step howto guides).

VPP training events (videos of VPP training events).

Progressive Tutorial in Using VPP

Use Cases

Use VPP as a Router Between Namespaces - An example configuration of the VPP platform as a router.

Use VPP with dynamic TAP interfaces as a Router Between Containers - Another example of inter-namespace/inter-container routing, using TAP interfaces.

Use VPP to Connect VMs Using Vhost-User Interface - An example of connecting two virtual machines using VPP L2 Bridge and vhost-user interfaces.

Use VPP to Chain VMs Using Vhost-User Interface - An example of chaining two virtual machines and connecting to physical interface.

Use VPP as an LW46 (MAP-E) Terminator - An example configuration of the VPP platform as an lw46 (MAP-E) terminator.

Use VPP for IPv6 Segment Routing - An example of how to leverage SRv6 to create an overlay VPN with underlay optimization.

Use VPP MPLS - Examples for programming VPP for MPLS P/PE support..

Use VPP IP Multicast - Examples for programming VPP for IP Multicast..

Use VPP BIER - Examples for programming VPP for BIER..

Use VPP for Policy Based Routing - Examples for programming VPP for PBR support..

Interconnecting vRouters with VPP - An example to interconnect vRoutes (xrv9000) with VPP using vhost-user feature and VLAN tagging

Use user mode TCP stack with VPP - An example to use user mode TCP stack with VPP using netmap virtual interfaces

Use VPP as a Home Gateway - Configure VPP as a classic ipv4 NAT home gateway

Setup Bi-directional Forwarding Detection - An example on how to setup BFD between VPP and a Cisco Nexus switch

VPP on EC2 instance with SR-IOV support - An example of how to use VPP on EC2 instance with SR-IOV support

How to deploy VPP in an EC2 instance and use it to connect two different VPCs with SR functionalities - How to deploy VPP in an EC2 instance and how use it as router to connect two different VPCs with SR functionalities

VPP Committer Tasks

Release Milestones



NAT plugin - VPP CGN, NAT44, stateful NAT64 project

Security Groups - ACLs, Security Groups, Group Based Policy

VPP/IPFIX - IP Flow Information Export

VPP/AArch64 - VPP on ARM64


VPP/VOM - VPP Object Model

Starter Tasks

If you are looking for tasks to pick up as 'Starter Tasks' to start contributing, we keep a list of those in Jira.

Previous Release Plans