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{{{name}}} Facts

Project Lead: {{{projectLead}}}
Repository: unspecified
Mailing List: unspecified
Jenkins: unspecified
Gerrit Patches: unspecified
Bugs: unspecified

NOTE: This template should be used only for officially approved fd.io projects.

This Project Facts template is used to give people an at-a-glance view of the core information about a project and also used to track the current projects in fd.io.


The template is designed to automagically fill out the mailing list, jenkins, gerrit patches, and bugs if you just fill in the shortname variable. The other fields need to be specified by hand. See any of the pages above for examples.


The template supports the following fields. Optional ones are called out in italics and labeled with "(optional)". Automagically populated fields are also called out. Note that field names are case sensitive.

  • projectLead
  • committers
  • name
  • shortname: automagically populates the six shown sub-fields, but you can override it by explicitly defining them as well.
    • gerrit (optional)
    • jenkins (optional)
    • repo (optional)


This template adds certain categories to pages that use it. First, it adds the "Project Main Pages" category any page. As a consequence, a list of the pages using this template can be found here: Category:Project Main Pages.

To include that list inside of another page you can use:

category = Project Main Pages
ordermethod = categorysortkey
order = ascending

Like this:

Note that indirectly adding a category to a page like this is not instantaneous in mediawiki, but will instead be processed by the job queue and then they will be marked as in the appropriate category. You can accelerate this process by performing a null edit.

Project State Categories

This template also automatically, adds the "${project state} Projects" category to the page, so we can produce a category for each project state and thus we can list them out very easily as follows:

Incubation Projects: No pages meet these criteria.

Bootstrap Projects: No pages meet these criteria.

Note: This requires that the state be spelled and capitalized consistently.