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export PLATFORM=vpp_lite
make build
make run

arm aarch32

Raspberry Pi

  • make install-dep fails as the OS is not recognized, so install dependencies manually:
apt-get install curl build-essential autoconf automake bison libssl-dev ccache \
debhelper dkms openjdk-8-jdk git libtool libganglia1-dev libapr1-dev dh-systemd \
libconfuse-dev git-review exuberant-ctags cscope
  • Build:
export PLATFORM=arm32
make build
  • raspbian default kernel does not enable userspace application access to the performance counters (this access is required by vpp to read the cycle counter)
    • Download kernel module from github
    • This requires kernel headers: if you updated your kernel with rpi-update, you may have to download the whole kernel sources to retrieve kernel headers (see rpi-source)
    • build and test kmod (see included README)
  • raspbian kernel does not have hugepage support: modify the VPP startup.conf file to specify the amount of RAM to allocate
cpu {
  main-core 1
heapsize 64M

Tegra - Jetson TK1

As Linux 4 Tegra is recognized as Ubuntu, we can just build as usual. On Tegra, we may use DPDK, but we have to rebuild our own kernel (tested with 4.5.3) to enable hugepages. In addition of the kmod, we must disable "cpuidle".

for cpu in 0 1 2 3 ; do
for state in 0 1 ; do
echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu$cpu/cpuidle/state$state/disable