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VPP F0 Milestone API Freeze Tasklist

  1. Announce the VPP F0 Milestone date at the two meetings prior to the API Freeze date, requesting that contributors inform you of pending api changes and to update the Release Deliverables section of the Release Plan.
  2. Track patches with api changes using this Gerrit URL.
  3. At least a week prior to the F0 Milestone, send an email to vpp-dev@lists.fd.io announcing the F0 Milestone including a list the open patches with API files. See example email.
  4. Work with VPP committers to ensure that patches intended for the release are reviewed/merged.
  5. Send a reminder email a couple of days prior to the F0 date and again on F0 day.

Jira versions

While not compulsory, this would be a good time to create the next version in Jira. VPP committers should have admin access to Jira.

From https://jira.fd.io/plugins/servlet/project-config/VPP/summary navigate to Releases (or Versions, same thing) and fill in the empty boxes labelled Version name and start date (which should be the date that RC1 of the current release is created). Then select Add.

Additionally, if the previous version was not released (because the previous release manager forgot to), now is a good time to do so. Choose the Release action for the version and then move still-open issues to the current release. Set the release date for the previous release appropriately.

Finally, check that the dates for the current release are accurate; it is likely the release date is empty. By this point we should know the anticipated release date, so it is worth filling it in.