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Instructions for vpp release manager

It is strongly recommended you do the prerequisites the week prior to the FR Milestone and start the release process a day or two prior to release.


1. Update Wiki - Edit the following wiki pages and add/revise references for new release

VPP main page
Installing VPP binaries from packages

2. Review docs.fd.io

a. On the release throttle branch (e.g. stable/1801), add release specific links to .../vpp/doxygen/test_framework_doc.md
b. From workspace root, build doxygen output
make bootstrap-doxygen doxygen
c. Check documentation output by opening the document index file in a browser:
file:///<path to workspace root>/build-root/docs/html/index.html
d. Clean up any formatting issues found.
e. Submit patch.
f. After patch is merged, cherry-pick it to master.

3. Update .../vpp/extras/scripts/list_api_changes.py with current release rc0 tag (if necessary)

4. Update release notes

a. Edit .../vpp/RELEASE.md and add section for the current release
b. Add number of commits by running the following command on the throttle branch (e.g. 18.01 <release rc0 tag> == v18.01-rc0)
git rev-list <release rc0 tag>..HEAD | wc -l
c. Add Features section from the Release Plan & git log (Hint: gitk is your friend, jira not so much)
d. Add list of API changes generated using VPP
e. Add list of patches that changed api files by running the updated list_api_changes.py script

5. Submit release notes patch (e.g. "18.01 Release Notes")

6. Send email to vpp-dev@lists.fd.io asking for feedback on the release notes patch.

7. Merge release notes patch (which should be the patch where the release label is created).

8. Verify that all merge jobs (including docs) have completed successfully.

9. Cherry-pick release notes patch to master.

10. Review patches to the previous stable/XXXX release branch to ensure that all bug fixes in the previous release are contained in the new release.

Recipe to Generate the Release

WARNING: If you push the release tag before the merge jobs have completed from the release note patch, then the merge jobs will fail when you do the "remerge" step below because nexus does not allow overwriting artifacts that already exist. If this does happen, then you need to open a helpdesk ticket asking for all of the nexus release artifacts to be purged. You can also encounter this issue if the "remerge" jobs fail (keep your fingers crossed ;)

1. Send an email reminder to the VPP Committers to NOT MERGE ANY PATCHES onto the stable branch until after the completion of the release has been announced on vpp-dev@lists.fd.io.

2. Lay tag for “v18.01” on patch that is “last patch in series" (see Pushing and Testing a Tag but note NO -rc<#> suffix!!!)

3. “remerge” patch on that commit - so it creates various artifacts.

4. Once remerge jobs have successfully completed open case with LF staff to move artifacts to release repo

  • Open a helpdesk ticket using the template below, substituting ${release number} with the release number (like 18.01) and ${release number without '.'} with the release number without '.' (like 1801).

5. Wait for LF infra staff to indicate they have completed the case

6. Test install behaviour on currently supported platforms (ie Centos7.2, Ubuntu Xenial) - use instructions for here to install 'release' packages and make sure you get a runnable version for ${release number} using release artifacts

a. Review the packages on PackageCloud.io (change release number in the search bar as necessary):
VPP 19.04.1 Centos7 Release packages
VPP 19.04.1 Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) Release packages
VPP 19.04.1 Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) X86_64 Release packages
VPP 19.04.1 Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) ARM64 Release packages
VPP External Dependencies packages
b. Install binary packages and verify VPP starts on supported VMs without any prior VPP installed

7. Release the version in Jira

VPP committers should have admin access to Jira. From https://jira.fd.io/plugins/servlet/project-config/VPP/summary navigate to Releases (Or Versions, same thing) and under Actions for the release, select Release.

Tell Jira to move all still-open issues into the next release and set the release date appropriately.

8. Declare Victory!

  • Email vpp-dev and csit-dev to announce the availability of the release artifacts on nexus.fd.io.

helpdesk template

Subject: Please publish VPP ${release number} Release Artifacts

Dear Helpdesk@fd.io,

The VPP artifacts for release ${release number} are now available on packagecloud.io and are ready to be copied into the release directories.

Please let me know when they have been published so I can test the VPP ${release number} packages from packagecloud.io/fdio/release.

<Your Friendly VPP Release Manager>

Post Release Tasks

1. Rebuild the docs

make docs-venv docs

2. Submit the patch containing the updated docs about release version file .../docs/about.rst

3. Create the tag for the next maintenance release “v19.04.4-rc0” on the patch (see Pushing and Testing a Tag). This tag is required to ensure that the latest artifacts pushed to packagecloud.io/1904 get retrieved when pulling from the repo using apt or yum.

4. Merge the patch [Verified +1, Code Review +2]