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VPP IPFIX implementation



  • IPv6 support
  • IPFIX aggregation with timout =! 0 (current implementation)
  • Multiple records per UDP packet
  • Should support export over IPv6
  • Be able to do local aggregation per any IPv6 fields or sub-field of IPv6 address (this is supported by IPFIX)

Work list

Task Owner Priority Status Description
IPv6 support Ole 0 Done
Aggregation and timer support 0 Done
API fixup (move out of vpe.api) Ole 1 Done
IPv6 export 1 Postponed
IPFIX export using TCP/SCTP 1 Postponed
Disable IPFIX export Pavel 0 Done / waiting for review
Verify support for expire time == 0 Pavel 0 Done / waiting for review
Performance and Scale tests Pavel 0 In progress
Update CLI Pavel 0 Done Split CLI between enabling per interface / forwarding path and parameters determining what information to collect.
Feature tests - make test Pavel 0 In progress Update per pkt tests to handle flowstate entries.


flowperpkt params record [l2,l3,l4] active <timer> passive <timer>

flowperpkt feature add-del <interface-name> <l2|ip4|ip6> [disable]

set ipfix exporter collector <ip4-address> [port <port>] src <ip4-address> [fib-id <fib-id>] [path-mtu <path-mtu>] [template-interval <template-interval>] [udp-checksum]

ipfix flush