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These instructions will setup the plugin source in /vpp/devboot/macswap. This location is chosen only for example; there is no direct correlation between the plugin source tree and the VPP source tree.

Setup the Macswap source code


There are a set of templates that Emacs users can make use of to build skeleton plugins, including the macswap plugin.

C-x C-f, /vpp/build-root/emacs-list/all-skel.el
M-x eval-buffer
M-x shell; mkdir /vpp/devboot
M-x make-plugin
C-x s


People who do not use Emacs can use a pre-generated copy of the macswap plugin by entering these commands at a shell prompt:

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/alagalah/macswap-plugin
cd macswap-plugin
mkdir /vpp/devboot
tar -zxvf macswap-plugin.tar.gz -C /vpp/devboot

Building the plugin

At a shell prompt:

cd /vpp/devboot/macswap-plugin
autoreconf -i -f
mkdir build
cd build
../configure --with-plugin-toolkit
sudo make install
ls /usr/lib/vpp_plugins/

NB: This builds against the libraries/headers installed in the system; not those in the local build environment. Both release and debug builds of VPP will search in /usr/lib/vpp_plugins for plugins to load when they start.